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People's Charter for Public Services ......

As part of the public education and advocacy programme, Lok Satta meticulously researched and published a People's Charter on various public services. The People's Charter is the basis for collective citizen assertion locally, and for the Citizen's Charters to be published by the government as legal entitlements to citizens.




  1. Certificates
  2. Residence Certificate
  3. Birth and Death Certificates
  4. Income Certificate
  5. Caste Certificate
  6. Legal Heir Certificate

3. Property Related Issues

  1. Property related Issues
  2. Pattadar Pass Book
  3. Demarcation of Land Boundaries
  4. Correction of Errors in Survey
  5. Verification Before Purchasing Land
  6. Encumbrance Certificate
  7. Verification Before Purchase of Apartments
  8. Registration of Sale Deed
  9. Patta Transfer and Mutation

4. Public Distribution System

  1. Ration Cards
  2. Monitoring of Ration Shops
  3. Black Marketing

5. Voting

  1. Voting Rights
  2. Inclusion or Deletion of Voters' Names
  3. Voter Identity Cards
  4. Voting with Care

6. Municipal and Civic Issues

  1. Civic Amenities
  2. Water Sewerage / Connection
  3. Electricity Connection
  4. Telephone Connection
  5. House Building Permission
  6. Property Tax Assessment

7. Civil Rights

  1. Civil Rights
  2. Complaints to the Police
  3. Arrest Without Warrant
  4. Police Custody

8. Stake-holders' Groups

  1. Citizens' As Stake-holders
  2. Ward Committees
  3. Water Users' Associations
  4. Agricultural Markets
  5. School Education

9. Farmers' Issues

  1. Agricultural Inputs
  2. Seeds
  3. Fertilizers
  4. Pesticides

10. Health Issues

  1. Primary health Care
  2. Important Health Information

11. Miscellaneous

  1. Marriage Registration
  2. Passport
  3. Driving License
  4. Accidents-Citizen's Role
  5. Weights and Measures

12. Citizen's Charter


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