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Verification Before Purchasing Land ......

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  • Verification of title before sale deed is required for the following reasons

    • Cheating is quite common on land sales particularly in unsurveyed lands and cities.

    • Often a person 'sells' land without ownership right. Such a sale is legally void and the purchaser has no rights.

    • In cities like Hyderabad, the same land may be sold to two or more persons by the same 'owner'. All subsequent sales are void in law, and the unsuspecting buyer is the loser.

    • Sometimes third party collusive litigation complicates land sales. Two persons who have no right over a property may go to court in collusion, and fight a case against each other for 'ownership'. Such bogus ownership leads to subsequent illegal sales and cheating.

  • Purchase of the following lands is illegal and does not confer any rights.

    • Assigned lands (grants)
    • Inam lands not settled
    • Ceiling affected lands
    • Government lands
    • Scheduled areas lands (by non-tribals)

How to Verify Land Particulars Before Purchase?

  • Before buying a land, house-site or house or other immovable property, you should verify the following:

    • Location
    • Description in village accounts
    • Description in panchayat or municipal records
    • Right of seller
  • Please note that lands classified as poramboke (government land) cannot be sold. Lands in the midst of government land are likely to be poramboke lands. Lands earmarked as 'green belt' or 'rasta' (road) etc cannot be sold.

  • Lands earmarked in towns and cities for purposes like 'recreation' or 'commercial' must be used only for such purposes.

  • You should take the following steps before purchasing land:
    • Inspect the land personally
    • Verify the following village accounts (records)
    • Field measurement book (FMB) }
    • 10 (1) Account } available with the VAO/MRO
    • Pattadar pass book (PPB)
    • Verify earlier sale deeds pertaining to the property } available with the owner

  • Ensure that 'link' documents connecting a continuous chain of ownership for at least 12 year are available.

  • All the village accounts are public documents, and they can be verified from the VAO or at MRO's office. You should also obtain an encumbrance certificate from the sub-registrar before purchasing land (please see pages 175).

  • Only after satisfying yourself that your money is safe, and the purchase is perfectly valid, and you will be the legal owner of the property on executing the sale deed, should you go ahead and purchase the property. If there is any doubt, please obtain legal advice.

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