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Demarcation of Land Boundaries ......


  • Land records are available with the following officials in respect of every piece of land.

Village : Village Administrative Officer (VAO)

Mandal : MRO

District : Assistant Director of Survey and Land Records
AD (S & LR)

State : Director of Survey and Land Records

  • Land is mapped for every revenue village. Within a village, land maps are available for every survey number. The extent of land in each survey number varies widely. Usually it extends upto 5 acres or more. In case of dry lands, and in certain Telangana areas, a survey number may be much bigger. Sometimes in Telangana area, large chunks of unsurveyed (unmeasured and undemarcated) lands may be included in a survey number.

  • In coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema, reliable land records and maps are available for all lands. In Telangana, often land records and maps are inaccurate, and may sometimes vary vary widely with the ground situation.

  • Demarcation of land boundaries is necessary in the following cases:

    • Identification of land
    • Purchase or sale
    • Partition of land
    • Mutation or Patta transfer
    • Land disputes
    • Encroachments on government land
    • Boundary disputes
    • Errors in measurement
    • Errors in land records

How to apply for Demarcation of Boundaries ?

  • Survey and demarcation of boundaries is a legal, and formal process. It is not merely informal measurement of land. You have to present an application written on plain paper to the MRO for demarcation of boundaries. The application must indicate the correct survey number and registered subdivision number for which demarcation is required. These details will be available with the VAO.

  • You will have to obtain authenticated documents from the VAO and file an application showing your interest or rights over the lands in question. These documents can be as follows.

    • A copy of Record of Rights (ROR)
    • Pattadar Pass Book (PPB)
    • Certified copy of Pahani (village accounts)
    • Registered sale deed
  • For identification and fixation of boundaries of a subdivision, an amount of Rs.110/- is the fee (Rs 100 + Rs 10 miscellaneous charges) to be paid by challan. This payment by challan must be made in the nearest sub-treasury under the following head of account.

M H 0029 - Land Revenue

S H 106 - Receipts on Accounts of Survey & Settlements Operations

SH (01) - Receipts in connection with Survey and Land Records Operation

  • On receipt of proper application with the necessary details, the MRO will then entrust the task to a surveyor. The surveyor will then give notice to the applicant, visit the field, and demarcate the boundary in the presence of the applicant. In special cases, the visit of AD (S&LR) can be sought by making a specific request in writing.

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