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Electricity Connection.....

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Electricity connection
Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board (APSEB) is the government owned monopoly agency for distribution of electricity in the state. Applications for electric connection are available free of cost. They can be obtained from the office of the Assistant Engineer responsible for the area
 The application must be properly filled out, and presented to the Assistant Engineer's office along with a fee of Rs.25/- to be paid at the Electricity Revenue Offices, where all electrical bills are paid. The APSEB officials will inspect the premises and approve the connection. If supply of power needs erection of new electric poles, the cost of laying the line will be collected from the customer. External wiring in the house must be done by a licensed electrical contractor.
The following charges and deposits are payable at the time of giving electrical connection:

i Single phase -pro rata charges - Rs. 1000/-
i Below 1 KV - Security Deposit - Rs.100/-
i Three phase -pro rata charges - Rs.5000/-
i Below 5 KV load security deposit - Rs.500/-
For three phase meters, if the customer buys the meter and installs it, the APSEB will test it and give connection. If the customer does not buy the meter, there may be delay in getting the connection. Single phase meters are normally given within a week.


The following precautions will be useful in getting proper service.

i Please verify the meter frequently and ensure that it is not stuck.
i Please ensure that the electricity bills correspond to the meter reading.
i If a wrong reading is shown in the bill, please contact the official mentioned in the bill.
i If there is over billing, then give a complaint in writing and get it corrected. Data of past consumption will be useful to compare bills. Therefore please retain past bills.
i Please keep a copy of the complaint with you. If the APSEB insists on your paying the bill pending verification, please pay the bill under protest and pursue the matter.
Tampering of meter is an offense. Similarly illegal tapping of electricity is a serious offence. This is theft of electricity, and is nothing but stealing. If any such thefts come to your notice, please report to the APSEB and ensure that it is detected.
Honest consumers are the losers if the stealing is not controlled. APSEB claims that about 32% of the power generated is either stolen or lost because of the technical defects. Consequently shortages and higher tariffs for consumers have become very common.
Tariffs are in various slabs depending on consumption. The higher the consumption, the greater is the tariff charged per unit. Please save electricity as much as you can.
People with unmetered connections tend to waste a lot of electricity. For instance, agricultural pump sets are charged on per horse power load basis, and not on consumption. Therefore some farmers waste power without any benefit to themselves. Please do not use a higher horse power motor than what is actually required. By using higher HP, you are only wasting power, and reducing the ground water level quickly.
If you have any difficulty in getting electrical connection or any other service, please contact the next higher official.
A model Citizens' Charter for an electricity utility, prepared in Britain, is given on page 159 for your information. We should collectively assert with knowledge and ensure that similar Charters with guaranteed penalties for non-performance are prepared and approved by APSEB and all other departments.
If there is no proper service, please contact your local Lok Satta unit for guidance.

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