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Voter Identity Cards.....

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Voter Identity Cards

Election Commission has decided five years ago that each voter must be provided with a voter identity card which includes a photograph and other details. This identity card is very important in preventing malpractices like impersonation and rigging. These cards can be used for many other purposes as multi-purpose identity cards.

Political parties and governments have not shown any enthusiasm for this voter identity card scheme. As a result, once the Chief Election Commissioner changed, no serious effort was made to distribute the cards or to make them compulsory for polling.
In Andhra Pradesh, as in January 1998, following is the position of identity cards.
l No. of voters : 4.94 crores
l Photos taken : 3.97 crores
l Cards distributed : 3.10 crores
l Mistakes found : 8.23 lakhs
How to obtain the identity card ?

If your photo has been taken, the election officials would have given you a token with your serial number and part number. Please approach the concerned MRO or municipal official (in case of Hyderabad) with this token and insist on receiving the photo-identity card.
If your photo has not been taken, please approach these officials and insist on being photographed. Unless you apply pressure collectively, they will not respond satisfactorily.
The Election Commission is postponing the compulsory use of identify cards repeatedly on the ground that the identity card work has not been completed.

Enormous expenditure has been incurred from your tax money for this purpose. It is criminal negligence not to do the work thoroughly, and waste your tax money.
Election malpractices cannot be curbed until identity cards are issued to all and they are made compulsory.
Please contact your local Lok Satta unit or district branch or apex unit and build collective pressure to make identity cards compulsory and available to all voters.

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