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You can download the Passport information


· Passport is the right of every citizen. Every citizen who needs to travel outside the country needs a passport. A passport is proof of citizenship and also contains visas or permits to travel in the countries you visit.

How to apply for passport?
· You can get the application from the Regional Pass Port Office. In Andhra Pradesh there are two PPOs --- one at Hyderabad and the other at Vizag. You can obtain the form free of cost from PPO, or at a nominal rate of Rs.3/- from the General Post Office or any big post office.
· Please fill in the form accurately and present the application to the PPO personally or through a representative or by registered post. The following documents must be enclosed with the applications.
o Proof of residence --- self-attested photocopy of ration card, or voter's photo identity card, or water or electricity or phone bill, or running bank account number, or income tax assessment for three, or certificate of employment of a reputed company on their letter head, any one of these is adequate proof.
o Proof of date of birth ---self-attested photocopy of birth certificate, or school certificate, or sworn affidavit attested by a magistrate.
o 6 Passport size photographs (black and white, or colour)
- Size 35 mm X 45 mm
- Frontal view of full face against light background, without dark glasses or uniform
- 4 Photographs pasted at the appropriate places with signature partly on the photo and partly on the form.
- 2 Photographs unsigned, with name written on the back, and put in an envelope stapled to the form.
Passport fee
- For 10 years Rs.300/-
- For 20 years Rs.600/-
- For renewal Rs.200/-
- For change of name Rs.100/-
- For endorsement of child's name Rs.100/-

o There will be a verification by police, and the passport will be given in 5 weeks' time. In case of renewal, it will take one week.

In case of urgency :
· If you need a Passport urgently, then you may obtain a verification certificate a specimen of which is given in the passport application. This will avoid the need for police verification, and therefore will save time. The following officials are authorized to issue the verification certificate.
o An official of the rank of Deputy Secretary or above in Government of India.
o An official of the rank of Joint Secretary or above in the State Government.
o An official of the rank of Sub-Divisional Magistrate (RDO) OR ABOVE IN THE DISTRICT OF RESIDENCE.
o A POLICE OFFICIAL OF THE RANK OF superintendent of Police or above in the district of residence.

If you lose the passport:
· Passport is an important and valuable document. It is particularly vital during your travels abroad. Please keep it in safe custody always. You should always have a photocopy with you.
· If you lose the passport while traveling abroad:
o Please inform the nearest police unit and seek help.
o Please inform the Indian embassy or consulate nearest to you and obtain a temporary passport to enable you to travel. If you have a photocopy of the lost passport, you can obtain temporary passport or duplicate easily.
o Please inform the Passport office immediately on return.

If you lose the passport in India :
· Please inform the nearest Police Station and obtain a copy of FIR
· Please inform the Passport Office immediately. If you fail to inform the loss to the Passport Office, and if your passport is misused, you can be liable.
· Please note that mere possession of passport does not entitle you to travel abroad. You must get the travel permit called 'visa' from the embassy or consulate of the country you intend to visit.
How to get duplicate passport :
· You must apply for a duplicate passport with :
o Application for lost passport.
o Copy of the FIR
o Affidavit annexed in the passport form.
o Fee of Rs.2,500/-
Passport of a minor :
· If you wish to have a separate passport for a minor child, please apply for a fresh passport with the following additional documents.
o Attested photocopies of parents' passports.
o If neither of the parents has passport, then an affidavit from both parents (specimen at Annexure 'D' of the passport form).
o If one parent has passport, then the attested photocopy of it and the affidavit from the other parent.
Re-issue on expiry of passport :
· If you are a holder of a passport, then you are entitled to an automatic re-issue of a passport, without prior police verification. You can apply one year before the passport expires or within 2 years after it expires to obtain this expeditious service. You are required to furnish the following:
o Fresh application form
o Previous passport
o Proof of residence if there is change of address.

Replacement of damaged passport :
· If your passport gets damaged, you are entitled to get it replaced. Please apply for a duplicate passport with the following documents:
o Application for a damaged passport.
o Damaged passport.
o Affidavit in specimen at annexure 'B' of application form.
o Fee of Rs.2,500/-
Change of name :
· If you change your name, you may get your passport booklet changed. Please approach the passport office in good time.
· In case of marriage, remarriage or divorce, please furnish the following:
o Fresh application form
o Certified marriage certificate or affidavit from husband and wife (Annexure A of application form)
o In case of divorce, divorce deed authenticated by a court.
o In case of re-marriage, divorce deed or death certificate of spouse duly authenticated.
· In other cases, please furnish :
o Fresh application form
o Two original newspaper clippings giving notice of change of name
o Affidavit (Annexure 'A' of application form),

Note : It is obligatory produce the original documents for verification in case so required by the passport office.

· Usually passports are issued promptly and queue system is followed. The procedures have been streamlined and there is good service to citizens. If you encounter any problems, or if you need passport on priority basis in case of emergencies, please approach the passport officer with relevant documents and seek help.

"It takes no compromise to give people their rights .. it takes no money to respect the individual."

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