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Why Lok Satta? ......

All of us complain all the time about the many things that are wrong with
India, .....

  • The criminalisation of politics
  • Rigging in elections
  • Inordinate legal delays
  • Bribes for everything - big and small
  • Pitiful infrastructure
  • Red tape
  • Lack of basic sanitation
  • Arrogance of bureaucrats

In short, we are unhappy with the way things are in India.

We have a vast army of employees who, once they join government, strangely become our tormentors (more...)

We have laws, a myriad laws, but they exist only on paper. (more...)

The government spends a lot of money, but not always wisely. (more...)

Things are bad because the government failed to do its job.
Infact government is not the solution to our problems, it is the problem!

Economic reform helps, but it is not sufficient. Good governance is critical for economic reform to succeed.(more...)

We often change people in power: But things don't change. Even if Gandhi or Ambedkar were to contest, they would probably lose the election!

What we need is not mere change of players, but change in the rules of the game.

When our representatives fail to bring about the required changes, the ball is in the people's court. We, and we alone can change things through collective assertion.

That is what Lok Satta is all about.

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