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Organizational Structure.....

Lok Satta is a democratic people's movement.

The Structure is as follows:

10 - 50 citizens in a village/ ward / town
(Citizens' Group)
Federation of Citizens' Groups
District Branch of Lok Satta
Individuals and groups in other States
(Friends of Lok Satta)
Foundation for Democratic Reforms- FDR (Think-tank and resource centre)
Foundation for Democratic reforms in India-FDRI (US-based support group and resource centre)
Apex Unit

As can be seen, Lok Satta is essentially controlled by the grassroots members and units. There are a series of federated organizations culminating in the APEX unit of Lok Satta.

Key Persons:

Foundation for Democratic Reforms (FDR) is the think - tank and resource centre supporting Lok Satta movement. FDR has limited membership (at present seven), and all members of FDR are members of Apex Committee of Lok Satta. There are seven members on there Board of FDR. An Advisory Council of eminent citizens guides the FDR in its decisions and activities.

Goals of FDR are identical to those of Lok Satta

For key persons behind FDR/Lok Satta          (more...)

Foundation for Democratic reforms in India (FDRI) is the US-based overseas support group for governance reforms in India.

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