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Pattadar Pass Book ......

You can also Download  Pattadar Pass Book Form


  • Pattadar Pass Book (PPB) is a document in the form of a small bound book containing all details of land owned by a person (pattadar). This PPB is issued by revenue officials on their own (suo motu) under a law called Record of Rights Act. (R R Act). The authorities will need a passport photograph and signature or thumb impression of the land owner.

  • PPB has four sections. It contains, among others, the following details:

    • Land ownership details
    • Names of tenants, if any
    • Photo identity of pattadar
    • Details of all mortgages, leases and other encumbrances
    • Loans
    • Changes of ownership
  • The relevant law has been approved by the President (Union government). Therefore PPB is a valid legal document for all land-related purposes. Legally, the banks and financial institutions must accept the PPB as proof of ownership. However, as a matter of extra precaution, they insist on other documents before accepting the property as security for loan.

  • If you did not receive your PPB, you should make sure to obtain it form the revenue authorities.

    How to obtain PPB?
  • MRO is the competent authority to issue PPB. You must apply in a prescribedapplication form. You must fill out the application form accurately with all details in triplicate (three copies). You may keep one more copy with you for reference. The application must be presented to MRO or Revenue Inspector (RI).

  • You must enclose the following supporting documents with the application.

    • Registered sale deed or gift deed
    • Tenancy agreement
    • Mortgage deed
    • Death certificate of earlier owner (if you claim ownership by her inheritance or succession)

    • A copy of registered or unregistered will (in cases of succession)

  • If you own property in more than one village, you must file a separate application in respect of each village where you own lands.

  • MRO will issue notice to you and the general public to raise objections, if any. You should fully cooperate with the revenue officials verifying your claim application. After filing application it is reasonable to wait for one month for the PPB. The verification and enquiry involves enquiry under law (statutory), and is a thorough and often lengthy, process.

  • After a reasonable period, once the MRO is satisfied about your claims after due enquiry, he will issue the PPB to you. Please verify the PPB and ensure that all entries are accurate. If there is delay, please remind the MRO. If there is no proper response, please meet the RDO or Sub-Collector concerned.

  • If you do not get proper response or service, please approach the local Lok Satta unit for support and help.

    "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got".

    - Janis Joplin

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