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What is Black Marketing ?
  • There is a law called Essential Commodities Act regulating storage, transport and sale of several essential commodities. The various control orders under the law specify the rules.

  • The following are some of the common black marketing practices.
    • Division of stocks meant for ration shops
    • Selling controlled commodities at higher prices
    • Diversion of kerosene for mixing with petrol or diesel
    • Hoarding of stocks without permission
    • Transporting to other areas without permission
  • Penalties for black marketing
    • In all such cases, the officials and courts have several powers to control black marketing

    • The stocks are inspected and seized by competent officials

    • The cases is brought before the District Collector or Joint Collector for trail

    • If the offences are proved, these officials have the powers to confiscate all or part of the stocks seized.

    • The black marketers can be tried before a criminal court and punished

    • In serious cases, the culprits can be detained by the government or District Collectors for six months under Prevention of Black Marketing Act.

    • The law is very powerful, and should be used when necessary.

  • Whenever serious offences are noticed, the citizens should report to the concerned officials. All the subsidies on controlled commodities are paid by us through taxes or by farmers through compulsory levy. This benefit should go to the eligible citizens, and not to black marketers or unscrupulous officials. People's vigilance is necessary to control black marketing.

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