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Telangana Area

  • In Telangana area, there is provision for correction of survey errors in land records. In Telangana area, survey and settlement are done under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Land Revenue Act 1317F. Section 87 of this Act allows correction of errors in land records noticed during maintenance.

  • The District Revenue Officer (DRO), who is the special grade deputy collector assisting the District Collector in Collector's office, is the competent authority for correction of survey error in Telangana. An application must be made for correction of error on plain paper with all details. There is no prescribed fee for application.

  • All applications to DRO for correction of errors must be filed within 2 years from the announcement of survey and settlement of the village concerned. In case of delay, reasons should be given in writing for such delay. Delay may be condoned by the DRO.

  • In case of variation between the land records and present occupation due to new registration or change of ownership without mutation, you have to file as affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.10/- stating details of your acquisition of rights. Survey and settlement record copies (certified) and other supporting documents should be furnished with the application.

  • The DRO will enquire into the application and verify the documents furnished by you. You should extend full cooperation to the officials during verification and enquiry. On being satisfied that there is indeed an error to be corrected, the DRO will recommend the case for correction either to the Director or to the Commissioner of Survey and Land Records, depending on the circumstances.

Andhra Area

  • In Andhra area, there is no provision for correction of survey errors except minor errors noticed. There should be no major survey errors in Andhra areas, or in parts of twin cities where detailed town survey was done earlier.

  • The minor errors that can be corrected in Andhra area are:

    • Minor errors in measurement.
    • Errors in recording the old survey number

    • Errors in subdivision recorded in permanent 'A' register in areas surveyed under AP Survey and Boundaries Act 1923.

  • If you have any difficult in correcting survey errors, please meet the concerned officials or their superiors.
  • If there is no proper service, please contact the local Lok Satta unit for support and guidance.

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