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Encumbrance Certificate ......

You can also download the Encumbrance Certificate form


  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC) gives details of land ownership and other rights over a property for the 12 years preceding. Usually if land is in continuous and unchallenged (adverse) possession of a person or a series of persons through whom ownership has charged by registration, it is safe to assume that the present owner has the right to sell. Complicated cases require legal advice.

  • Encumbrance certificate is usually necessary in the following cases:

    • Mortgage of land
    • Verification before purchase of land
    • Verification of title
    • Litigation on property
  • All registrations of sale, mortgage etc. are done by the concerned sub-registrar. All such records are kept in sub-registrar's office. Computerization is now being done for about 400 sub-registrar's offices in the state. However the old paper records and files are still necessary because the central laws have not been amended correspondingly to provide for use of computer records.

How to obtain Encumbrance Certificate?

  • You must apply to the sub-registrar having jurisdiction over the area. Usually EC is given for 12 years preceding the date. You must apply in the prescribed form. You must furnish all information relating to the property.

The following fees must be paid:
Application fee : Rs.10/-
Search for the 1st year : Rs.5/-
Search for every additional year: Rs.2/-

Additional search fee : Rs.50/- (if you need EC on the same day)

  • There is a time limit of 5 days prescribed for issuing EC. In case there is any delay beyond 5 days, you may approach the District Registrar.

  • If there is any delay or harassment or improper service, you may approach the local Lok Satta unit for support and guidance.

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