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You can also download the Declaration Form


  • Andhra Pradesh has an extensive network of public distribution system. There are about 113 lakh white cards for the poor and 51 lakh pink ration cards.

  • A family with an annual income below Rs. 11,000 is entitled to a white card. Only those families with less than 1.5 acres of wet land under tanks or 3 acres of dry land with commercial crops are eligible for white cards. A family with an annual income above Rs. 11,000 will get a pink card.

  • Cardholders can draw the following commodities from the ration shops every month according to present guidelines.

    Commodity White Card Pink Card
    Subsidized Rice 4 Kg/head (maximum 20 Kg/card) -
    Rice(UrbanAreas) (Non-subsidy)   4Kg/head Max.20Kg/card


    Palmolein Oil


    1-3 Kgs/card
    depending on the area

    upto 30 Kgs

    1 Kg/card

    3 to 23 Liters/card

    upto 5 Kg/carddepending on the area

    upto 30 kgs

    1 Kg/card (loose)
    1 Lt./card (pounch)

    3-10 Lt./card

  • Uses of ration card are many
    • Supply of essential commodities from ration shops
    • Application for passport
    • Application for driving license
    • Proof of residence
    • Enrolment as voters
    • Application for many certificates
    • Proof of identity
    • Special medical assistance for the poor
    • To obtain LP gas connection

    How to Obtain a Ration Card
  • The card issuing authority is the Assistant Supply Officer(ASO) in Hyderabad and other cities. In all other areas, the MRO is the competent authority. The application form called "Declaration Form" can be obtained from the ASO or MRO. (Declaration Form ). This Declaration Form is free of cost. You will have fill out the form carefully. You will have to enclose one or more of the following documents as proof of residence and income.

    • Property tax receipts
    • Electricity charge receipts
    • Water tax receipts
    • Running bank account pass book
    • Income certificate from employer (where possible)
  • The MRO or ASO will then verify the application and the documents furnished before issuing the card. You should cooperate fully with official during verifications.

  • There are already more white ration cards meant for the poor than the actual requirement. In various districts 80-90 % of the population is covered by white cards - well beyond the requirement. Poverty figures show that only 30-40% of the people are regarded as poor in various pockets of the State. There is huge subsidy by the state on supply of rice to white card holders. Therefore it is difficult to obtain a new white card. If there is valid ground, obtaining pink card is relatively easy.

  • If you are migrating to another village or town or city, you must surrender the old ration card to the MRO, and obtain a ' No Card Certificate'. This must be presented to0 the ASO/MRO at your new place of residence along with the Declaration Form.

  • If you are separating from your family and living on your own-on marriage or migration, your name must be deleted from the parent card, and the ' Declaration Certificate' must be presented to the ASO/MRO concerned.

  • You must not encourage false claims for White Ration Cards. The subdidy that is given on rice or other commodities on ration cards is your tax money. If there are any bogus ration cards, or cards with ineligible persons , it is your duty to report to the ASO/MRO concerned.

    Item Time Limit Authority
    1. Deletion of name Same day on presentation of proof M.R.O. or ASO(in Hyd.Vizag,Vijayawada)
    2.Inclusion of name With in 7 days MRO/ASO
    3.Change in address within the same ration shop area Same day MRO/ASO
    4.Change in address with change of shop With in 7 days MRO/ASO
    5.Issue of Surrender Certificate on transfer or migration Same day MRO/ASO
    6. New ration card with surrender certificate etc. Within 7 days MRO/ASO
    7. New ration card in case of change of the state 2 weeks MRO/ASO

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