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  • Telephone directory gives very precise and detailed instructions about various services, procedures and the authorities to be approached. While all procedures are extremely well-documented, often there is a problem in getting proper services from telephone department on account of monopoly and shortages.

    How to obtain a New Connection ?

  • The prescribed application form is sold for Rs.10/- at the Telephone Department Offices. There are various categories with different priorities for giving connection.

    • Doctors
    • Senior retired officers
    • Own Your Telephone (OYT)
    • Registered voluntary organizations
    • Government offices
    • General category etc.

  • The application form duly filled out may by presented at the telephone office responsible for the area in which connection is needed. Initial deposit will have to be made depending on the category. A copy of the ration card duly attested or any other identity must be furnished along with the application.

  • Because of shortage, you will have to wait for your telephone connection. When your turn comes, the department will send you a letter indicating the date by which the connection will be released. Then the release order is issued to the field staff. They will then visit your house and install the telephone. You can have your own telephone instrument, or ask for it from the department for a price.

  • Over-billing and other complaints are very common with telephones. Though all services are well documented, complaints are very common about telephones. Please assert collectively with knowledge, and insist on getting proper service. As a customer paying huge bills, you have the right and responsibility to demand good and prompt service. Please do not hesitate to contact the next higher officials at each stage if there is no prompt response to your complaints.

  • If you need any assistance, please contact your local Lok Satta unit. If there is no Lok Satta unit in your neighborhood, please form one. Your district branch or apex unit of Lok Satta will give you all information and assistance.

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