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Sequence of Activities of AP Election Watch 2004

  1. Training of Trainers, resource persons and volunteers
  2. Voter registration and Electoral rolls revision
  3. Campaign against criminalization
  4. Voter Awareness campaign
  5. Debates between candidates
  6. Montioring of Polling Process
  7. Pre and Post polling surveys

What will be the impact of APEW04 ?
What will be the contributon of FDR/Lok Satta?


Some of the key activities proposed to be undertaken as part of APEW'04 are outlined below:
I. Training of Trainers, resource persons and volunteers

We have already initiated the process of involving Lok Satta volunteers across the state in the electoral rolls revision process, which was held between 27th November-5th December. From among them, we have trained 50 Senior-trainers for the larger EW effort. We have conducted a 2-day training session for the trainers (scheduled to be held in Warangal on the 20th and 21st of December). These trainers in turn will train 294 constituency coordinators, one for each assembly constituency. We are also aiming to train 80 -100 volunteers (total 25,000) in each assembly constituency to implement various EW activities. The training of volunteers at the grassroots level will be undertaken as part of the Active Citizen Training programme.

II. Voter registration and Electoral rolls revision
The foremost activity under the Election Watch programme is verification of electoral rolls which assumes importance for the following reasons:

  • Many eligible voters do not find their names in the electoral rolls.
  • The electoral rolls contain the names of persons who are either dead or do not live in the area. It also contains bogus names and names of children. There was an instance of 350 voters getting registered with the same address. Because of these reasons, bogus voting has become a common phenomenon.
  • No individual can oppose revision of electoral rolls. In fact everybody will appreciate inclusion of names of eligible voters and deletion of names of ineligible voters.


  • Despite periodic revision of electoral rolls,because of lack of proper information to the public, lack of nderstanding by the public on the procedure to be followed, because of work pressure on the election machinery and political interference, the electoral rolls are significantly flawed.
  • The need for getting the names of eligible voters included, and deletion of names of ineligible voters does not require emphasis.
  • Every citizen has some understanding of the importance of ‘vote’. As such it is possible to enthuse citizens to participate and cooperate in the revision of the electoral rolls.
  • Revision of electoral rolls has a direct relevance to electoral reforms and governance reforms. In the absence of proper electoral rolls, elections become dubious and democracy gets diluted.
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The Election Commission has carried out a summary revision of voter rolls across the country between the 27th November and 15th of December. Volunteers of Lok Satta assisted the voters and officials in the registration and revision process across AP. We are aiming to set up help booths in at least 600 mandals spread across the state, which will be manned by Lok Satta volunteers. This effort will be undertaken entirely with volunteer support and FDR funds.

See :

Village /Polling Station Report on
Verification of Electoral Rolls

But the huge number of 'new-voter' applications received (more than 50 lakhs across AP) by the Election commission is currently a big concern.


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