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On 15th December 2003, the Screening Committee for the APEW-04 established the criteria for screening (potential) candidates for Andhra Pradesh State Assembly Elections, 2004. The Committee unanimously decided upon the following nine criteria to screen the antecedents of the probable candidates:

  1. Conviction in any case
  2. Charges framed by a magistrate
  3. Rowdy sheet and or History Sheet(View the criteria)
  4. Withdrawal of charges, or closure of a rowdy sheet etc. by the government without any explanation, proving malafide intent during the past 7 years.
  5. Established use of force in tenders
  6. Established cases of settlement of land or other disputes by force and forcible occupation of land.
  7. Defaults to financial institutions or role in collapse of urban co-op banks, chit funds or other financial institutions (including dependent members of the family).
  8. Dismissal/ Punishment awarded while in government for corruption or malfeasance, or pending disciplinary proceedings.
  9. Indictment by a statutory commission of enquiry.






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