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FDR/Lok Satta undertook the path breaking Election Watch (EW) Activity in 1999 for the state assembly and parliamentary elections in Andhra Pradesh. Since then we have come a long way and evolved as the largest people's movement for governance and electoral reforms in the country. Many of our successes are well known to you. In many ways, these successes have been built on the solid foundations of the Election Watch movement in 1999, and the popular mobilization based on that effort.

As you are aware, Andhra Pradesh is scheduled to go to the polls for electing a new legislative assembly some time in early 2004. Current indications are that the polls may be conducted during the first fortnight of March. Based on our earlier experiences and keeping in view the larger electoral and governance reform goals, FDR/Lok Satta proposes to under take AP Election Watch 2004 (APEW'04).

FDR/Lok Satta's earlier EW efforts in 98' and 99' were successful in arresting the process of criminalization. This time, we propose to go one step ahead and ensure that even the established and entrenched politicians with criminal/corrupt antecedents are not fielded by major parties and thereby reverse the process of criminalization.

APEW 04 confidently aims to influence the governance agenda, irrespective of which party or candidates are elected. This massive citizens' effort will also be directed towards cleaning up the electoral process within the state, given the limitations of the electoral system.

Andhra Jyothi, 17 Dec, 2003
The News Indian Express,
17 Dec 2003


The killing of Satyendra Dubey underlines the need for the Indian State to summon a decisive will and create new instruments for making conditions safe for citizens and conducive for liberty, argues Jayaprakash Nararayan. Download the full article Click>>..


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The Hindu,
29 Dec 2003
Eenadu, 11 Dec 2003








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