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Lok Satta Brings Back Smile on the Faces of "Unsuccessful Students" (2004)
A student given 0 marks gets 65 marks on revaluation!

A B.Sc. (Mathematics) 2nd year student got zero in the initial evaluation by the university. The same student secured 65 marks - way above the pass marks - after his papers were re-evaluated by an expert faculty as a result of Lok Satta' s initiative. Similarly, a student who got 16 marks secured 74 marks after Lok Satta's revaluation. A B. Sc. final year student, B. Sudhakar, who was awarded 33 marks for his Maths-3, was given 68, 70 and 71 marks by three different expert evaluators for the same paper!

How the Guntur unit did it:

In a shining example of collective action, the Lok Satta unit in Guntur helped in bringing back smiles on the faces of 2254 students in Guntur. In the recently conducted degree exams by Nagarjuna University, Lok Satta received complaints regarding evaluation of the answer sheets. Responding to these complaints, Lok Satta procured the photocopies of those answer sheets after paying the requisite challan. These answer sheets were then re-evaluated by faculty of various universities in the presence of the media at the Lok Satta office. After scrutinizing the answer sheets, the faculty unanimously voiced their opinions that all the students have done well and that they would not have hesitated to pass the students. This was an unprecedented event in the history of this university. The re-evaluated papers were handed over to the Vice Chancellor. Quickly responding to this, the VC ordered an immediate revaluation of the concerned students' papers.

Lok Satta's Call to Fight Corruption (2004)

'Fight Against Corruption' Programmes from December 3 - 9, 2004

Lok Satta, in collaboration with responsible citizens, like-minded citizen-groups and the civil society, has embarked upon creating awareness about corruption throughout the state for one week starting on December 3 and culminating on December to mark the 'International Anti-Corruption Day' on December 9. The campaign was aimed at promoting awareness among people about various solutions to root out corruption in the country. The focus of the campaign was electoral reforms, empowerment of local governments, right to information for citizens to curb corrupt governance and people's participation in evolving anti-corruption laws and effective mechanisms.

'Walk Against Corruption' on December 9 - A 2 km 'walk against corruption' was organized in every village, mandal and city in the State. It culminated on December 9 with a resounding pledge by people to fight against corruption.

Lok Satta sent 1,50,000 post cards to the Prime Minister to bring about the RTI bill in the winter session of the Parliament. Further, Lok Satta organised 150 one-day training programmes for 10,000 people to bring about awareness regarding democracy, the role of citizens in the functioning of the democracy.

Advisor and Lead Role in Governance Reforms

As a result of its work, LOK SATTA emerged as an influential voice for specific governance reforms in various fora of civil society. It has a wide popular base of about 35% support, though largely passive, across Andhra Pradesh. In almost every habitat LOK SATTA is known, and it enjoys high credibility. LOK SATTA is now nationally recognized as a credible, non-partisan, effective platform to fight corruption, and seek better governance.

LOK SATTA is relied on as a non-partisan and credible advisor even by the government and all major political parties on administrative reforms and a range of public policy issues.

LOK SATTA is now playing a key role in strengthening other civil society initiatives for governance and electoral reforms in several major states.


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