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VOTEINDIA is a non-partisan people's movement aimed at bringing about a fundamental transformation in Indian governance through comprehensive electoral, political and democratic reforms. VOTEINDIA provides a nation-wide platform for citizen participation and mobilizes public opinion in support of key reform goals on a large scale through innovative campaigns coupled with effective use of media. VOTEINDIA works with like-minded citizen's initiatives across the country in furtherance of democratic reforms.

Please visit www.voteindia.org for a detailed description of its goals and activities.

VOTEINDIA is seeking to recruit talented and committed individuals to help it achieve its mission. Currently we have vacancies in the following areas:

(These positions are all based in Hyderabad)

VOTEINDIA is a deeply optimistic movement, which sees an opportunity and challenge in every seemingly intractable problem. Just to cite a few examples, some of the challenges that we take on or:

How do we create a world-class public health delivery system which doesn't cost a fortune;
How do we improve Indian education system to cater to the needs of a 21st century economy;
How do we convince the politicians that it is in their best interest to initiate fundamental political reforms.
The list of challenges facing us is long and the time for action is ripe. The work at VOTEINDIA will be intellectually challenging, professionally rewarding and emotionally gratifying for those who seek to play a positive role in changing the course of the nation. The compensation for all positions will be commensurate with the individual's credentials/experience and will be on par with compensation standards in non-profit sector.


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