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National Advisory Council (NAC) Meetings (2004)

Dr Jayaprakash Narayan has been invited by the Government of India to be a part of the National Advisory Council, which has been constituted to oversee the implementation of the National Common Minimum Program. Dr Jayaprakash Narayan was involved in six National Advisory Council Meetings, which discussed among other things, issues pertaining to right to information, health, education and administrative reforms. Two NAC meetings in every month of this quarter were held. Dr Jayaprakash Narayan is specifically looking at the health sector and during a series of meetings has made recommendations for improving the delivery of public health services in the country. Following are some of his recommendations:

  • Raising an army of Community Health Volunteers
  • Strengthening the Primary Health Care Delivery System
  • National Mission for Sanitation
  • Taluk / Block-level Referral Hospitals for Curative Care
  • Risk-pooling and Hospital Care Financing
  • Dr Jayaprakash Narayan has also recommended task forces in the following areas to improve the delivery of health care services.

Task Forces

  • Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) and birth control in High Fertility States
  • Convergence and Integration of Services
  • Medical Education and Medical Grants Commission
  • Training of Voluntary Health Workers
  • Regulation of Medical Care and Medical Ethics
  • Regulation of Medical Profession
  • Accreditation and integration of Rural Medical Practitioners (RMPs) into Health System
  • Health Financing Mechanisms

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