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An Appeal to the Public


Public concern about criminals entering politics is increasing. What can citizens do to stop this? Several NGOs in Delhi have now come together and set up The Delhi Election Watch as a network to mobilize effective citizen participation in the forthcoming Delhi Assembly elections. One of the activities will be to ascertain the background of the likely candidates.

What can a citizen do?

Do you know of anyone who is likely to be a candidate in the forthcoming Delhi Assembly elections? Do you have any information about their criminal antecedents? If so, please send that information to Delhi Election Watch, Please furnish the name and address of the likely candidate and any information you have about criminal cases including corruption cases, charge sheet, convictions, criminal history etc. Under election laws convictions for offences relating to rape, molestation, dowry, untouchability, corruption, narcotic drugs, promoting enmity between groups about religion, language etc are disqualifications. Any documents you can give in support of such information will be very useful.

Will you be harassed by the criminals in politics?

Delhi Election Watch will keep all the information you give as confidential but if you give your own name and address it will help us contact you for any clarifications. A screening committee of eminent persons with a credible record of public service has been formed to carefully assess all the information and then disseminate that to the voters.

The Supreme Court in its historic judgement of March this year has given the broad criteria. The Election Commission has prescribed a detailed format. The Committee will be guided by these. But unless you as a citizen comes forward with information and unless that information is made available to the voters in a meaningful manner, the proforma will remain only on paper.

The Screening Committee Admiral R Tahiliani, (former Chief of Naval staff) is Chairman. Justice S P Wad, and Justice Jaspal Singh (former Judges of Delhi High Court), Maj. Gen. Vinod Saighal (Retd), P P Rao, Prashant Bhushan, Sanjay Parikh, and Smt. Kamini Jaiswal, Advocates, Supreme Court, B G Verghese, Journalist, Smt. Madhu Kishwar, and Shri Yogendra Yadav, Academicians, Smt Vibha Parthasarathy, Educationist, Sankar Sen and P S Bawa, (former DGs of Police) are members. K C Sivaramakrishnan, former Secretary is the convener of the Committee.

Your vote is precious. Your vote is power. Your choice will determine the character of the Delhi Assembly. The Nation's capital can show the way that citizens care, that citizens can Act.

DELHI ELECTION WATCH Post Box 5333, Chanakyapuri New Delhi - 110021

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