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Citizen's Charters in Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (2001)

LOK SATTA released a People's Charter (1998) covering over 40 public services commonly needed. LOK SATTA's People's Charter and People's Watch movement forced State government of Andhra Pradesh to commit to releasing Citizen's Charters in 9 departments (2001).

  • AP State Electricity Board
  • AP State Road Transport Corporation
  • Transport Department
  • Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Works and Sewerage Board
  • Employment Exchanges
  • Commercial Taxes Department
  • Registration Department
  • Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad
  • Municipalities

Thanks to the systematic campaign spearheaded by LOK SATTA over the past few years, these Citizen's Charters drew the attention of citizens. An excellent Citizen's Charter has been released recently in respect of four services, applicable to all Municipalities in the State. For the first time in India, a compensation of Rs.50 is now payable to the citizen for every day's delay in these services. Over 100 municipalities in Andhra Pradesh are implementing this charter.

LOK SATTA not only helped draft this citizen's charter, but also has played an active role in propagating it all over the state. Once this charter becomes part of the administrative culture, many more similar charters can be released for a variety of services and effectively implemented. The government of AP has recently approved a similar charter for Village Panchayats. LOK SATTA worked with the government in formulating this charter and will work for its effective implementation.



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