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Caste Certificate ......

You can also download the Cast Certificate


  • Caste Certificate is needed if you belong to a caste or sub-caste which is listed as a Scheduled Caste (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST) or Backward Class (BC), and if you wish to benefit from the reservation for that category by law.

  • You need not fill up the caste column in any application unless you wish to benefit from such reservation.

    When do you need Caste Certificate?
    • School admissions
    • College admissions
    • Competitive examinations
    • Scholarships
    • Employment in reserved category
    • Government subsidies
    • Housing and self-employment schemes
    • Allotment of house sites
    • Assignment (grant) of land
    • Election (as candidate)
  • Special provisions are made by constitution and by law to give preferential treatment in education and employment to SCs, STs and BCs. If people who do not belong to these classes or castes get benefits by cheating, misrepresentation and false certificates, the genuinely deserving and needy persons will lose out. False certificates should be discouraged so that we can ensure justice to the poor and needy.

  • Often similar-sounding caste names may belong to different categories. Please make sure of your caste status. Different sub-castes may have different status in different regions. Names of sub-castes with the same status and occupation may vary in different areas. A caste, which is entitled to reservation in one state may not have such a facility in another state.

  • Children born to parents belonging to two different castes usually get the father's caste status for reservation purposes. However rules vary in such cases, and there are detailed guidelines and verification procedures for determining caste status of a child born to parents of two different castes.

  • Caste system and reservations are usually applicable to Hindus. However Sikhs are also legally entitled to reservations based on sub-castes. Converted Christians get BC status in Andhra Pradesh, depending on their pre-conversion status. SC converts to Buddhism are also entitled to reservation in certain states. Certain Muslim occupational groups have become an integral part of caste system, and they are entitled to reservations, usually as BCs.

  • Caste Certificate given to a family member is a strong evidence in favour of an applicant. But it does not automatically entitle the applicant to a caste certificate.

  • Usually scheduled caste lists and scheduled tribe lists are common between the Union and State governments. There are detailed procedures for verification of scheduled tribe status, particularly in case of Primitive Tribal Groups (PTG), which get special benefits. In case of listed Backward Classes (BCs), there are major variations between Union lists prepared by Mandal Commission for each state and State lists. In such cases, the present position is that reservation in Union government employment will be available only to those sub-castes which are classified as Backward Classes in the State also.

    How to obtain Caste Certificate?

  • MRO is the competent authority to issue the certificate. You must make an application to the MRO of your Mandal in the prescribed form. (application form). You must fill out the complete form accurately. You must affix a court fee stamp of Rs.2/- to the application form (SCs and STs are exempted).

  • The following documents must be enclosed with the application form.

    • Transfer certificate from your school or college.
    • Caste Certificate, if issued earlier to your family member.
    • Affidavit for age

      (You may also enclose a date of birth certificate or father's or mother's affidavit, preferably signed by a notary, giving your date of birth and age.)

    • Copy of ration card

      (If you do not have a ration card, you may enclose any other identity like voters' list etc.)

    • Two certificates issued by two different gazetted officers of the State Government in the prescribed form. (please see page 171 for the form)

  • No specific time limit is prescribed for the issue of certificate by the MRO. A week is a reasonable time. In complicated cases it may take two weeks or more for verification. Your application will be verified by the local revenue officials. You should fully cooperate with the RI or VAO during verification and enquiry.

  • If the certificate is not issued within a reasonable time, please remind the MRO. If there is no response, please meet the concerned RDO or Sub-Collector.

  • The Caste Certificate issued by the MRO will be in the application form. After obtaining the certificate, please verify and make sure that the details and caste name mentioned are accurate.

  • If you are unable to get proper service, please contact local Lok Satta unit for support and help.

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