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This major activity of FDR/Lok Satta includes several programmes such as


LOK Satta has revised draft Bill. The freedom of Information Act-2000 new before parliament to ensure
  • definite time limit
  • independent appeal
  • independent appeal mechanism
  • penalties for freedom of infomation
The text of the revised Bill is given below:

Under the Swarajya movement, which is aimed at true empowerment of local governments, seven specific, local reform goals have been identified as follows:

Right to information

Citizen's Charter for accountable public services

Empowerment of local governments

Empowerment of stakeholders

Universal access to primary education

Speedy justice through rural courts

Toilets in every house hold to promote human dignity

Massive campaigns are launched to mobilize public opinion in favour of these goals, and to make people understand their relevance to their day to day lives. These goals are chosen as the basis of the following criteria:

They are no cost/ low cost goals

They can be achieved locally- within the town, district or State

They are strategic goals empowering people

They are acceptable to all sections of public opinion

Newspapers, radio, television, demonstrations, meetings, signature campaigns, street theatre, seminars, conferences and other techniques of mass-mobilization are employed to promote public awareness. Already the government was compelled to respond in some measure to these initiatives. In response to Lok Satta’s campaign the State Government initiated the effort to prepare Citizen’s charter in select departments. Lok Satta spearheaded the agitation of Sarpanches and other local government leaders for empowering local government with marginal success so far. However, a major campaign is now being launched for local government empowerment and reforms in local elections now in time for the next local elections due in March 2000. Water users and parents of school children are partially empowered as stake holders by legislation. The government responded to Lok Satta’s pressure and launched a large, though inadequate, scheme to build house-hold toilets all over the State with people’s participation.

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