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Did you know that over $100 billion of corruption money has been stashed away by politicians and bureaucrats?

60 million children have no access to schools,
and India is home to half the illiterates in the world

70% of people have no access to sanitation

International Honour to Lok Satta Movement

Did you know that 700 of our 4072 legislators have criminal record? (Source :Election Commission Statements 1999)





The statistics are daunting.  

But should they make us, the citizens of India helpless?

Not if we are ready to fight together.

A non-partisan people's movement for reforms in the governance structure

Did you know that a third of the people are below poverty line? (which is defined roughly as a daily income less than a dollar)

Did you know that there are only 27 million  persons employed in the organized sector while about 40 million are registered as unemployed  ?

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