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The association shall be called LOK SATTA.

  1. The office of LOK SATTA shall be situated in Hyderabad. Presently the address
  2. of LOK SATTA is:

    # 401 & 408, Nirmal Towers,

    Dwarakapuri Colony,


    Hyderabad - 500 082.

    Andhra Pradesh.

  3. LOK SATTA shall be a corporate body with perpetual succession and common

seal and with powers to hold property, to enter into contracts, to sue and to be


4. LOK SATTA shall be a non-profit and voluntary association.


  1. The objectives of LOK SATTA are:
    1. to promote public awareness about democratic functioning of all institutions
    2. of governance;

    3. to advocate and promote holistic, peaceful, democratic transformation of
    4. Indian polity;

    5. to work for creation of a suitable environment for democratic functioning

of all institutions of Indian governance and to ensure self-correcting

mechanisms of governance;

    1. to work for enlargement of freedoms, promotion of self governance,
    2. empowerment of people, and enforcement of rule of law, and

    3. to work in particular for the following constitutional and legal reforms

in furtherance of the above objectives:

    1. to make political parties fully accountable to their own members
    2. and the general public and transparent in their functioning,

      including in matters relating to their membership, election of

      office bearers, choice of candidates for elective public offices,

      and income and expenditure;

    3. to ensure effective separation of legislature, executive and
    4. judiciary at all levels - local, district, state and national - with

      appropriate checks and balances;

    5. to promote electoral reforms which make elections truly
    6. democratic and transparent, facilitate and promote the

      participation of the best men and women in the Indian political

      process and curb electoral malpractices - civil and criminal;

    7. to ensure balanced distribution of functions and responsibilities
    8. among the union, state and local governments; and to ensure

      allocation of resources and devolution of powers commensurate

      with the functions and responsibilities entrusted to each tier;

    9. to ensure effective decentralization of governance and empowerment
    10. of local governments as participative tiers of constitutional,

      democratic governance at appropriate levels - village, town, city,

      intermediate, district - with their own legislatures and executives,

      in a manner that authority and accountability fuse, and there is

      a clear nexus between the vote and welfare of the citizens;

    11. to make bureaucracy truly accountable, responsive and efficient at
    12. all levels.

    13. to ensure speedy, efficient, accessible and affordable justice to


viii. to ensure open and transparent governance at all levels with the

enforceable right to information to citizens in all matters of state,

without prejudice to national security or enforcement of law;

    1. to ensure insulation of crime investigation and prosecution from
    2. partisan pulls and political vagaries;

    3. to ensure creation of an effective, independent mechanism to
    4. combat corruption in public offices; and

    5. to ensure creation of an independent mechanism for appointment of

constitutional functionaries;


  1. In furtherance of its objectives, either by itself or in collaboration with other

organisations, LOK SATTA will;


  1. promote interaction on various aspects of reforms in governance;
  2. launch a vigorous, sustained campaign in support of democratic reforms in
  3. Indian polity;

  4. act as a resource centre for grassroots institutions that may be promoted to
  5. propagate the cause of Indiance governance reform;

  6. network with voluntary social action groups, individuals and academic
  7. institutions working for similar causes in India or abroad, so that synergies

    are brought out;

  8. work to build a national platform for furthering its objectives in
  9. collaboration with like-minded institutions, organizations and individuals;

  10. act as watchdog over all institutions of governance, and mobilise public
  11. opinion in support of reforms through all available democratic and peaceful

    means; and

  12. take up such other activities as may be necessary from time to time for

furthering and promoting the objectives of LOK SATTA.


Primary Unit:

  1. There will be a Primary Unit of LOK SATTA for a village or group of villages or
  2. a town or a part of town or city.

  3. Primary Units will be for a specific territorial area in case of rural areas and on the
  4. basis of defined territory or like-minded groups irrespective of territory in urban


  5. No Primary Unit shall be formed on the basis of caste, creed, religion or other such
  6. sectarian considerations.

  7. A Primary Unit shall ordinarily have about 50 members. However, the size of the
  8. Primary Unit will be determined by the District Unit concerned, depending on

    local circumstances.

  9. Primary Unit affairs shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of 3
  10. members, elected once in two years from among themselves by the members of the

    Primary Unit, and one among them shall be the Convenor.


    District Unit:

  11. There will be a District Unit for each revenue district, comprising of :
  12. a) one representative from each Primary Unit in the District - either the

    convenor of the Primary Unit or another member chosen by the Primary

    Unit shall represent it;

    b) one representative from each voluntary organisation or institution,

    which is admitted as an Institutional Member of the District Unit; and

    c) individuals admitted by invitation by the District Unit - such membership

    shall not exceed 10.

  13. District Unit affairs shall be managed by a Managing Committee of a minimum of
  14. 5 members, elected once in two years from among themselves by the members of

    the District Unit, of whom one shall be the Secretary. If there are more than 10

    Primary Units in a district, additional members of the Managing Committee at the

    rate of one for every 10 Primary Units or part thereof, subject to a maximum of 21

    may be chosen for the Managing Committee.

  15. Wherever the number of Primary Units in a district is large, the District Unit may
  16. constitute Intermediate Units for effective coordination of the activities of the

    Primary Units.



  17. There will be an Apex Unit, comprising of:
  1. one representative from each District Unit - either the Secretary or any
  2. other member chosen by the District Unit

  3. one representative from each voluntary organisation or institution specially
  4. admitted as an Institutional Member of the Apex Unit

  5. members of the Foundation for Democratic Reforms; and
  6. individuals admitted by invitation by the Apex Unit. Such membership

shall not exceed 25 in the Apex Unit.

  1. There will be a Coordination Committee of seven members, of whom one shall be
  2. LOK SATTA National Coordinator. The National Coordinator and the

    members of the Coordination Committee shall be elected by the Apex Unit once in

    two years.


  3. Membership is open to all Indian Citizens of 18 years and above, who
  4. subscribe to the objectives of LOK SATTA.

  5. No office bearer of a Political Party shall be a member;
  6. No member of a political party shall be eligible to be elected as an office bearer
  7. or member of Executive Committee/Managing Committee/Coordination Committee

    of LOK SATTA at any level.

  8. No member of a Local Body, State Legislature, or Union Parliament shall be a
  9. member.

  10. No one convicted for offences constituting corruption, violence causing grievous
  11. injury or moral turpitude shall be a member.

  12. Organisations in India with aims and objects wholly or partly similar to those
  13. of LOK SATTA, and none of their objectives and activities being detrimental

    to that of LOK SATTA, may be admitted as Institutional Members; at District or

    Apex level.

  14. Any individual, whose commitment and/or contribution to the promotion of
  15. democratic values in the nation has been significant, may be invited by the

    Managing Committee/Coordination Committee to be a member of the District

    Unit or Apex Unit, as the case may be. Such membership shall be limited to 10 in a

    District Unit and 25 in the Apex Unit.


  16. Membership fee will be decided by the Apex Unit and adopted by other Units, from
  17. time to time.

  18. Membership amount shall be shared by the Primary Unit, District Unit and
  19. Apex Unit in the ratio of 50: 25 :25


  20. A person shall cease to be a member of LOK SATTA


  1. on resignation
  2. on death
  3. on expulsion by the respective Executive / Managing / Coordination
  4. Committee by a resolution passed by a majority of members present, for

    any activity detrimental to the interests of the Organisation; provided

    that a reasonable opportunity for explanation is given to the member before

    the proposal for expulsion is considered.

  5. on contesting in any election to the Local Body, State Legislature or
  6. Union Parliament.

  7. on being elected as an office bearer of any political party.
  8. on being convicted for offences constituting corruption, violence or moral





  1. The primary resource of LOK SATTA shall be the commitment, knowledge and

experience of the members to further the objectives of LOK SATTA. Financial

and other resources to support the activities of LOK SATTA will consist of:

  1. receipts arising out of the activities of LOK SATTA;
  2. returns from the investment of trust capital and endowed funds;
  3. grants, donations, and loans and other contributions from members,
  4. governments, corporate bodies and individuals for general as well as

    specific purposes;

  5. membership fee; and
  6. any other legal means decided by the Apex Unit from time to time.
  1. The funds and property of LOK SATTA shall be applied towards the promotion
  2. of its objectives and no portion of them shall be paid or transferred directly or

    indirectly to any person who is or has been a member of the organisation, provided

    nothing herein contained shall prevent payment of remuneration and allowances to a

    person who is or who has been a member of LOK SATTA in return for any service

    rendered by that person to LOK SATTA in accordance with the rules.

    Investment of funds of Lok Satta shall be made in accordance with the Section 11(5)

    of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


  3. Accounts of receipts and payments at the levels of primary Unit, Intermediate Unit
  4. where it exists, District Unit and Apex Unit shall be maintained in accordance with the


  5. The accounting year will be 1st April to 31st March.
  6. Accounts of LOK SATTA will be audited every year by a Chartered Accountant
  7. and presented to the respective Units within 6 months of the end of the Accounting



  8. The Apex Unit shall make rules for regulating the administration and activities of
  9. LOK SATTA at all levels.

  10. The Apex Unit, the District Units, the Intermediate Units where they exist, and
  11. the Primary Units shall conduct their affairs in accordance with the rules.



  12. Articles of Association may be amended by the Apex Unit.
  13. No Amendment or Alteration shall be made to the objectives of LOK SATTA unless
  14. it is voted by 2/3 of its members present at a special meeting convened for the

    purpose, and confirmed by 2/3 of the members present at a second special meeting.



  15. LOK SATTA shall not be dissolved unless such a proposal is voted by a
  16. majority of the members in office and by a majority of two-thirds of its

    members present and voting at a meeting specially convened for this

    purpose and confirmed by a similar majority at the second meeting specially

    convened for the purpose; provided that the proposal for dissolution

    shall be sent by post to every member at least 20 days in advance of the

    holding of such meetings.

  17. In the event of dissolution of LOK SATTA, its property and funds, which remain
  18. after the full satisfaction of its liabilities, shall be transferred by the Apex Unit to

    some other organisation which has similar objectives and which is also registered

    under section 12 (A) of Income Tax Act, 1961".


  19. If any concessions have been extended by the Department of Income Tax to LOK

SATTA, no resolution made by the Board under Articles 34 to 38 shall become

effective unless it is approved by the competent authority in the Department of

Income Tax.


39. Certified that this is the correct copy of the Articles of Association of LOK SATTA.

 National Coordinator. Member

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