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  • If you have fixed property in the form of land, or buildings, there will be need to approach the government authorities from time to time on property-related issues.

  • Whenever there is change of ownership of land, you need to enter it in the land records. The revenue officials incorporate land use particulars:-ie details of cultivation and enjoyment every year - in land records. Permanent data like ownership of land is also recorded in the land records.

  • All land is surveyed and subdivided according to law (Survey and Boundaries Act) and the records meticulously kept. Each piece of land is mapped, and such maps are prepared survey number-wise, ward-wise and village-wise. These maps are available with the MRO, or Assistant Director of Survey and Land Records in every district or the Director of Survey and Land Records in Hyderabad. Any boundary disputes can be settled by verifying these records. Verification of land records is an authentic way of settling land disputes.

  • Before purchase of land, it is desirable to verify land records to make sure that the seller is a legitimate owner. Sometimes, while ownership is not in doubt, actual identification of the land and its boundaries may be a problem. Again verification of land records is the answer. If a property is to be mortgaged to a bank or financial institution, it is necessary to verify ownership, and to ensure that the land has not been mortgaged already. Many people are cheated by not knowing land records verification procedures.

  • In Telangana area, proper survey has not been done in many places; therefore the problem is more acute and complicated. In the erstwhile British India (Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema) land has been properly surveyed and accurate land records are usually maintained.

  • It is illegal to buy government land granted to the poor (assigned land), or ceiling surplus land (agricultural or urban).

  • Purchase of land and registration do not give any ownership or title unless the sale is legal, and the person selling has the right to sell the property.

  • A full understanding of land-related procedures is very important to safeguard your property, interests and money.

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