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House Building Permission ......

You can also download the form for Municipality, Encumbrance certificate


  • Construction of every house requires the permission of the local government - panchayat, municipality or corporation. In special cases like multi storeyed complexes, or large plots of land, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) for the area may be the competent authority.

  • The following are the requirements for obtaining building permission.

  • Application form duly filled out (price Rs.10/-) form for a municipality

  • Check list given along with application

  • Property sale deed (Photocopy)

  • Link document(s) (Photocopy) tracing ownership for 12 years or more. This confirms the rights of owner.

  • Encumbrance certificate issued by Sub Registrar for details

  • Urban Land Ceiling (ULC) clearance certificate

    • Applicable for Hyderabad, Vizag and Vijayawada Cities only

    • This is usually necessary for plots above 1000 sq. meters plot of land
    • The certificate is issued by Special Officer, ULC in these cities.

  • ULC affidavit for lands below 1000 sq.m area
  • House Building Society's No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Layout of the Society
  • By-laws of the Society
  • NOC from National Airports Authority
    • If the airport is nearby, and the site is located in the funnel zone.

    • Particularly necessary if the height is more than 2 storeys

  • Printed brochure, if any (usually in case of flats or commercial building)

  • Self-addressed envelope with posting for registered post with acknowledgement due

  • A blue print of the house plan prepared by architect one cloth copy + 5 copies

  • All these documents must be attested by a gazetted officer (on both the front and the back)

  • The prescribed fee must be paid to the local authority. It usually depends on the area, category and plinth area of the building.

  • Usually the house building permission can be given within two weeks. If there is delay please contact the municipal official and pursue the matter. If the permission is not granted within 90 days, usually it is deemed to have been issued. However, often the officials will seek some information or other to overcome this legal difficulty. It is better to be certain of conforming to all legal requirements before building the house. Serious violations may cause extreme difficulties later.

  • If you do not get proper service, please contact the nearest Lok Satta unit for help and guidance.

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- Judith M Knowlton

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