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Driving Licence......

You can also download the Driving Licence


Original Application for International Driving Licence

The following conditions must be fulfilled to be eligible for a driving licence:
    You should be of a minimum age of 18 years.
    You should reside or carry on business in the area where you are seeking the licence.
    You must first obtain a learner's licence.
    After learning to drive, you must apply for permanent licence and pass the test conducted by the Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI)
    Then the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) will issue the permanent licence.
How to obtain a Learner's Licence
  You must apply to the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) for learner's licence in the prescribed form( please see Form 2 on page 190). You will have to fill out the form carefully and correctly and present it to the RTO with the following documents:
    3 recent passport size photographs (5 x 6 cms)
    Driving Certificate issued by an authorized driving school.
    Challan / receipt for the payment of fee of Rs.15/- for each class of vehicles.
    Copy of Ration Card (proof of residence. Any other proof can be furnished).
    Copy of Birth Certificate (proof of age).
    Copy of educational qualification certificate given by the school/college/university.
    Medical fitness certificate issued by a doctor in Form 1A (for transport vehicles) and Form 1, self declaration for others. (Please see page 188 for Form 1A)
  The learner's licence is valid for 180 days. Before applying for a permanent driving licence, you should be proficient in driving the vehicles and also fully know the traffic and driving rules.
  The learner's licence and driving licence vary for each class of vehicle -- 2 wheeler, 3 - wheeler, light motor vehicle, medium vehicle and heavy vehicle.
Regular licence
  For obtaining the regular driving licence, you should apply to the RTO in Form-4 (please see page 192). Form 4 should be accompanied by:
    Valid learner's licence issued at least 30 days earlier.
    Three recent passport size photographs
    Challan for Rs.20/- as fee
    Challan for Rs.25/- for plastic card.
    Challan for Rs.15/- as test fee for each category of vehicle applied for.
    All other documents furnished with learner's licence.
  You should report before the concerned MVI at RTO's office for driving test. You should also take a motor vehicle in good condition and of the class for which you applied for licence.
  If you are declared as passed in the test by the MVI, you will then be issued a driving licence.
  The driving licence is usually valid for 10 years or upto 40 years of age. Renewal application after every 10 years must be made before the date of expiry or within 30 days after expiry. The application for renewal in Form No.9 must be accompanied by the challan for Rs.15/- as fee and three latest passport size photographs.
  If application for renewal is made 30 days after expiry, then an additional fee is payable. If application for renewal is made 5 years after expiry, you must undergo a fresh driving test as in case of a new licence.
  If you have completed 40 years of age, you must apply for renewal along with a doctor's certificate of fitness.
International Driving Licence :
  If you wish to travel abroad and drive a vehicle abroad, you may obtain an International Driving Licence. This licence is valid for one year in those countries which are signatories to the international agreement on the subject.
  In several countries you will have to obtain a temporary driving licence on the basis of your International Driving Licence. Please verify the laws and rules of the country you are visiting before driving a vehicle in a foreign country. Your International Driving Licence is valid for one year.
  If you have any difficulty in obtaining the driving licence or if there is undue delay in issuing the licence, please approach the RTO or the Assistant Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner of Transport Department.
  If you do not get proper service, please contact the local Lok Satta unit or district branch or Apex unit for information and guidance.
  You should apply in the prescribed form (please see page 195) to the RTO with the following enclosures :
    3 recent passport size photographs
    Indian driving licence
    Challan for Rs 200 towards fee.
  After verifying the documents, International Driving Licence will be issued.
Forms and fees for obtaining driving licence.

Type of licence

Forms and documents

Fees required

Learner's licence Form No.2, Form 1
Date of birth proof
Address with proof
Rs.15/- for each class
Fresh driving licence Form No.4
Learner's licence
Rs.20/- for licence

Rs.15/for test
  Rs.25/-for plastic card


Renewal of driving Form No.1A (for persons Form No.9

Plastic card Rs.15
above 50 years or for transport vehicles) delay Form No. 1 for others
Rs.15/- Licence

Rs. 10 for each year's
International Driving Licence IDL Form, passport
Driving licence + 3 photographs

Medical Certificate

(See rules 5(1), (3), 14 (d), and 18(d)
To be filled in by a registered medical practitioner appointed for the purose bny the State Government or person authorised in this behalf by the State Government or person authorised in this behalf by the State Government referred to under Sub-Section-3 of Section 8) .
1. Name of the applicant
2. Identification Marks 1)
3.(a) Does the applicant to the best of your judgement suffer from any defect of vision? if so, has it been corrected by suitable spectecle?
(b)Can the applican to the best of your judgement readily distinguish the primary colours, redn and green ? Yes / No
(c) In your opinion, is he able to distinguish with his eye sight of a distance of 25 metres in good day light a motor car number plate. Yes / No
(d) In your opinion does the applicant suffer from a degree of deafness which would prevent his hearing the ordinary sound signals. Yes / No
(e) In your opinion does the applicant suffer from night blindness Yes / No
(f) Has the applicant any defect or deformity or loss of member which would interfere with the efficient performance of his duties as a driver? If so, give your reasons in details. Yes /No
(g) ............................................................................................................


(a) Blood Group of the applicant (if the applicant so desires that the information may be noted in his diving licence)
(b) RH factor of the applicant (if applicant so desires that the information may be noted in his driving Licence)
Declaration made by the applicant in Form -1 as to his physical fitness is attached.
I certify that I have personally examined the applicant .......................................... I also certify that while examining the applicant I have directed special attention to the distance vision and hearing ability, the condition of arms, legs, hands and joints of both extremities of the candidate and to the best of my judgement he is medically fit/not fit to hold a Driving Licence.
Thne applicant is not medically fit to hold a licence for the following reasons.

1. Name and Designation of the Medical
Officer / Practitioner
2. Registration Number of Medical Officer
Signature of Thumb of Medical Officer
Signature of thumb impression of the Candidate .........................................................................................
Note : The Medical Officer shall affix his signature over the photograph affixed and ensure that part of his signature is upon photograph & part of the certificate.

3. I enclose three copies of my recent photograph of the size 5x6cms (where laminated card is used no photographs are required).

Form of Application for the Grant or Renewal of Learner's Licence

The Licensing Authority
I hereby apply for a licence authorizing me to drive as a learner, the following motor vehicle(s).

a) Motor cycle without gear
b) Motor cycle with gear
c) Invalid carriage
d) Light motor vehicle
e) Medium goods vehicle
f) Medium passenger motor vehicle
g) Heavy goods vehicle
h) Heavy passenger motor vehicle
i) Road Roller
j) Motor Vehicles of the folloing description


1.Name :

2.Son/Wife/Daughter of:

3.Permanent address:
(proof to be enclosed)

4.Temporary address/Official address(if any)

5.Date of Birth
(proof to be enclosed)

6.Educational qualification

7.Identification marks

8.Blood group and RH factor

9.I hold an effective driving licence to drive
a)Motor cycle/Light motor vehicle/Medium passenger motor vehicle
Medium goods vehicle with effect from

10.Particulars of any driving licence previously held by applicant
Whether it was cancelled and if so, for what reason:

11.Particulars of any learner's licence previously held by applicant in respect of the description of vehicles to which the applicant has applied.

12.Have you been disqualified for holding of obtaining a driving licence or learner's licence? If so, for what reasons.

14. I enclose the Learner's Licence No..............dt................. issued by the Licensing Authority.
15. I enclose the Driving Certificate No.................dated.......... issued by..........
16. I have submitted along with the application for Learner's Licence the written consent of parent / guardian.
17. I have submitted along with the application for Learner's Licence / I enclose the medical fitness certificate.
18. I am exempted from the medical test uner Rule 6 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989.
19. I am exempted from preliminary test under Rule 11(2) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.
20. I have paid the fee of Rupees..................................
I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the particulars given above are true.
Note : Strike out whichever is inapplicable.
Date:..................... Signature/Thumb impression of applicant


The applicant has passed the test prescribed under Rule 15 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. The test was conducted on (here enter the registration mark and description of the vehicle).................on date.........................

The applicant has failed in the test
(The details of deficiency to be listed out)

Signature of Testing Authority
Full Name and Designation


Two specimen signatures of applicant

* Strike out whichever is inapplicable

1. Name in block letters
(State if Mr.Mrs.Miss)
Father's name
(Other names (i.e., explain initials)
3. Year and date of birth
4. Town where born
5. Full name and address in India
(in block letters)
6. Full details of Indian Licence held
  Issued by
  Valid till (date)
  No. of licence.
  Class of vehicle for which it is valid
  Endorsement regarding conviction if any.(State if previously examined for) driving the same class of vehicle or vehicles abroad).
  Date of issue
  Issued by
  Date of expiry
8. Requirements:
  Three passport size photos
  Challan in original for Rs. 10/-
  Civil Driving Licence

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