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Electoral reforms .....

Decriminalization :

  • Prohibit persons with criminal record from contesting

Accountable use of money and transparent funding:

  • Full disclosure norms
  • Tax credits for campaign contribution
  • Public auditing
  • Public funding on the basis of votes secured
  • Stiff penalties for violations

Voter registration:

  • Make post office nodal agency for registration
  • Provide easy access to electoral rolls

Prevent rigging:

  • Compulsory voter identity cards
  • Electronic voting machines
  • Mandatory re-polling if 'tendered votes' exceed 1%

Prevent defections:

Amendments to 10th schedule of constitution

  • Disqualification for any violation of party whip on finance matters and confidence motions
  • No whip on other matters
  • Legitimate 'splits' recognized only after 'due process' in the party fore
  • No whip in Upper Houses
  • Election Commission to decide on disqualification

Proportional representation :(PR)

  • Two votes-constituency vote and party vote
  • Composition of legislature to reflect proportion of votes obtained by parties--State-wise
  • Parties publish list of candidates in each State
  • 50% seats filled by constituency election
  • Balance seats to be allotted to parties as per eligibility
  • State to be unit for PR
  • A party to get PR seat allocation if its vote share in a State exceeds 10%

Direct election to head of government in states:

  • Abolition of nominated governors
  • Head of government in the State to be directly elected by people for a fixed term of 5 years.
  • He will have freedom to invite any citizen into the cabinet
  • Separation of executive from legislature


  • Election Commission to audit parties' accounts
  • A prescribed minimum percentage of votes to be elected from a constituency
  • Election Commission to decide on election petitions
  • Election Commission to be fully independent in matters of rule making, finances and administrative control
  • Election Commission to be appointed by a collegium


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