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Proforma for 'know your candidate'

Lok Satta Election Watch ______ District ______ Constituency

  1. Candidate details:-
    1. Name
    2. Male / Female
    3. Political party
    4. Age
    5. Address
    6. Education
    7. Occupation / Profession
    8. Married / Unmarried
    9. Details of family (children, ages etc.)
  2. Income details:-
    1. Main source of Income
    2. Other sources of Income
    3. Total annual Income
    4. Income Tax paid in the last year
    5. Do you have any subsisting contracts or other business dealings with government?
    6. Do you have any links with any business depending on government licenses? Give details!
    7. How will you mobilise the funds for your election campaign? Give details!
    8. The details of your total property and their value ______________________
    9. Details of properties (with values) owned by your close relatives (only members of your family)
  3. Political history:-
    1. The name of the party which has given you the ticket
    2. When did you join this party?
    3. In the last 5 years, which are the political parties in which you are/were a member?
    4. Did you contest in earlier elections? The details of such contest (Rajyasabha / Loksabha /Legislative Assembly / Zilla Parishad / Mandal Parishad / Municipality / Corporation / Panchayat)
    5. Details of those elections which you have won
    6. List out the three achievements while you were in the office.

           1. _______________      2. ______________      3. _______________

  4. Criminal record:-
    1. Were you convicted for any crime so far? Give details.
    2. Are you charge-sheeted in any crime? Give details.
    3. Is there any criminal case pending against you? Give details.
    4. Were you at any time convicted for corruption or any other irregularity committed while you were a public servant? Give details.
    5. Were you ever listed as a rowdy sheeter in any police station? details
    6. Can you give a commitment that you will not take support of rowdy sheeters and criminals?
    7. If elected, will you work for legislation preventing persons with criminal record from contesting?
  5. Parties and Democracy:-
    1. Will you agree that the political parties which do not have internal democracy cannot protect the democratic system?
    2. For the office bearers in political parties
      1. Do you think periodic elections by secret ballot are necessary? Yes / No
      2. Is there need for the laws and regulations to enforce internal democratic? Yes / No
    3. Selection of candidates for various elections
      1. Should be by members of the party in the constituency and not at the discretion of high command? Yes / No
      2. Is there need for laws and regulations to enforce this? Yes / No
    4. Do you want laws to regulate the party funding, expenditure and auditing?
    5. To reduce the role of unaccountable money power and muscle power and criminalisation of politics
      1. Do we need legal safeguards? Yes / No
      2. Do you fully support such reforms? Yes / No
    6. If you get elected, will you fight for such reforms in local body elections which are under the purview of State legislature?
    7. Will you agree for the independence and autonomy of functioning of constitutional functionaries viz., Public Service Commission, Finance commission and Election Commission.
    8. Will you support insulation of crime investigation from political control?
    9. Will you support measures to eliminate partisan political interference in contracts, tenders and liquor licences?
    10. Will you support measures which will reduce partisan and arbitrary transfers and postings of officials?
  6. Views and goals:-
    1. If elected, will you fight for Citizen's Charters?
    2. If elected, will you support right to information legislation?
    3. If elected, will you support measures to transfer to local governments powers, funds and functionaries in respect of subject listed in 11th and 12th schedules?
    4. If elected, will you fight for empowerment of stakeholders such as water users, school education committees, market committees and ward committees?
    5. If elected, will you fight for right to school education for every child and ensure establishment of schools within 90 days on demand?
    6. If elected, will you fight for rural courts for speedy justice?
    7. If elected, will you fight for construction of toilets in every household within three years?
    8. If elected, will you fight for complete use of Telugu or Urdu in all matters of administration and in local courts.
    9. If elected, what are the three important issues on which you wish to pay attention?

           1. _______________      2. ______________      3. _______________



      Signature of the candidate

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