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LOK SATTA together with Federation for Empowerment of Local Governments (FELG) has embarked on an unprecedented drive to collect “One Crore” (ten million) signatures from citizens of Andhra Pradesh in support of local government empowerment. The campaign was officially launched on the 9th of August and will conclude on the 2nd of October.

The campaign took off simultaneously in more than 200 towns, mandal head quarters and cities across the state. Senior leaders of LOK SATTA and FELG are campaigning through out the state and are mobilizing public support in large numbers. A special effort is being made to reach out to the youth through various colleges and educational institutions.

A massive public education and communication campaign is underway to mobilize support for this crucial campaign. The following communication material has been prepared and distributed in all the 23 districts of the state:

  • 800,000 pamphlets
  • 260,000 signature sheets
  • 107,000 posters § Slides for display in movie theatres
  • CDs and video cassettes for broadcasting on local cable channels
  • 4 Radio messages being broadcast on All India Radio
  • 7 Video messages for telecast on local TV Channels

So far, the campaign has received excellent support from the media and the importance of local government empowerment from citizens’ point of view is being highlighted on a continuing basis.

The fight for genuine local government empowerment is progressing on other fronts also. LOK SATTA and FELG have filed a writ petition in AP High Court seeking specific directives to the state government on a) measures for effective devolution of powers, b) to implement the constitutional provisions in respect of creating District Planning Committees and Metropolitan Planning Committees, and c) mandatory devolution of finances to local governments as per the State Finance Commission recommendations. We have impleaded ourselves in the writ petition filed by several local government leaders. The petition is being heard by a constitutional bench headed by the Chief Justice of AP High Court. The Attorney General Sri Soli Sorabjee is appearing at the request of the court in his individual capacity and the Additional Solicitor General Sri L Nageswara Rao is representing the Union of India while the state government is represented through its Advocate General. The hearings are currently underway.

Our reports indicate that the campaign is progressing well and in the first 10 days more than a million signatures have been collected. We will be intensifying the campaign in the coming few weeks and hope to reach our target of ten million signatures by the 2nd of October. We will keep you updated periodically and seek your support in this endeavor.


Add your signature today !

Whether you are in a village, town or city, your support could mean everything to your local governments. FELG and Lok Satta members are currently touring your district to include your signature in the campaign sheet. Make your opinion count and your voice heard. Add your signature to the FELG campaign sheet and join the movement for the realization of the constitutional role of local governments. Do not forget to remind your friends, relatives and neighbours to put down their signatures also! Contact your nearest FELG or Lok Satta member today for instructions on how to include your signature. They will be glad to include your opinion and suggestion.

The signature form has been made in Telugu and English for your convenience. The telugu form has already put online. Those who intend to carry out the campaing in their areas may download the form and collect the signature and submit it at the apex unit of Lok Satta. The Urdu form will also be available for download soon.

Public Response :

Letters of Support

Dear sir,

We received your note regarding the ensuing campaign for electoral and governance reforms in Andhra Pradesh. First of all, let me congratulate you on your embarking on this massive and well deserved campaign. On behalf of the Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi and my colleagues, we extend our wholehearted suppot to this campaign and wish you grand success even though we are unable to physically participate in the same. Hope you will keep us informed about the achievements later.


Narayan Banerjee


Dear JP,

Congratulations. Some time soon we need to have a 'working session' to understand How You Do It; and also how others can follow your lead.

Warm regards,


Dear Jayaprakash,

This is to acknowledge your e-mail on "National Campaign for Electoral and Governance Reforms" sent on the 29th July. Please do let me know when and where I can be of any help to your most laudable and impressive campaign. Our best wishes will always be with you.

With best wishes,

P M Bhargava


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