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1. Orientation and Training of 'Budding Politicians' on 'New Political Culture'

LOK SATTA has been advocating the need for a new political culture. This has assumed urgency in the light of recent episodes of members of parliaments taking bribes for asking questions in the parliament and misappropriating MPLADS funds by favouring projects.

With a view to imbibe the new poltical culture at the grassroots level, and give the right perspective and orientation to the people who propose to undertake a orientation and training program for about 15, 000 people across the state, over the months of February and March 2006.

Anyone who intends to undergo this training must affirm :

  • To abide by the code of conduct for elections, in particular the limit of election expenditure.
  • Not to entice voters by giving money or liquor
  • By making a commitment for the development of the village with a specific action plan.

Any person, irrespective of his political affiliation(independent or member of a political party), can attend this training program as long as he abides by the above.

Kindly follow the link www.loksatta.org/telugu.html for to download the application form.

2. VOTEINDIA campaign in 6 cities.

In January, the VOTEINDIA campaign is set to be launched simultaneously in 6 cities of Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Calcutta(or Delhi).This would mark the beginning of nation-wide VOTEINDIA activities undertaken by the core-groups in the respective cities. On the eve of the launch, a workshop on Political Reforms would be held in all the 6 cities with participation from Civil Society organisations, Academia and concerned citizens etc.

3. VOTEINDIA Documentary

A documentary on VOTEINDIA movement will be screened on national television on Jan 26th 2006. The documentary focuses on creating greater awareness about the crisis in politics and electoral process and will take the viewer through the various aspects of political reforms and also aid the viewer to comprehend the measures advocated by the VOTEINDIA Campaign to tackle this crisis.The Documentary in DVD format will be made available through various VOTEINDIA chapters and partners from February.


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