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Lok Satta Made History

Celebrating the success of One Crore Signature Campaign for Local Government Empowerment

03:00 pm
Sunday, 19 October
Lalitha Kala Thoranam, Hyderabad.

The Federation for Empowerment of Local Governments (FELG) and LOK SATTA launched a campaign to collect One Crore (TenMillion) signatures in support of local government empowerment in Andhra Pradesh on the 9th of August.( Click here to know about the formation of FELG) The campaign concluded on the 2nd of October. Now we are proud to announce that we have exceeded the target of 1 crore signatures. (Click here for district wise tally of signatures)


LOK SATTA organized a massive public meeting on October 19th in Hyderabad to celebrate the historic achievement of collecting one crore signatures. Thousands of activists representing tens of millions of voices across the state of Andhra Pradesh and noted activists from other states notably Sri LC Jain, Dr. George Mathew, Dr PV Shenoi, Sri SV Raju, Sri AK Venkata Subramanian, Sri Elango Rangaswamy, Smt Shanta Sinha, Dr Bhaskara Rao, Sri Mayank Gandhi and others participated in the colorful celebrations and expressed their solidarity in support of the movement. The celebrations featured inspiring performances by local folk artistes, songs, ghazals and messages from a few noted leaders. The event truly captured the spirit of people's empowerment and was broadcast live by cable channels in Hyderabad.

The most significant aspect of the campaign is that it evolved as a genuine people’s movement, which cannot be ignored by the political process. Now for the first time in our democracy, instead of the parties setting agendas through their manifestos at campaign time, the people have set their own agenda and could convince the political parties for devolution of powers to local government. Undoubtedly as an impact of the collective assertion the AP government has on November 7 in consultation with the FELG and LOK SATTA representatives took a policy decision to transfer full powers to local governments as demanded by the people. (Read the highlights of the Cabinet Committe meeting with the FELG representatives.)

Did you know?
It took only 53 days to mobilise one crore people and collect their signatures.




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