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Swarajya movement is only the beginning of our efforts for enforcing accountability in government and its agencies, and asserting citizens' sovereignty over them. Collective, informed assertion will surely lead to measurable improvement in the quality of public services. However Swarajya is not a panacea to our governance crisis. Corruption and maladministration are integral to our political and governance process, and can be effectively curbed only by far-reaching democratic reforms.

But, even the self-limiting success of Swarajya will shore up our self-esteem as citizens, and will help us unravel the intricate web of governance and the many unholy linkages. Autocratic political party structure, expensive and flawed elections, centralization of power, marginalization of citizens, insecurity of governments, arbitrariness in authority, unaccountable and yet pliable bureaucracy, inefficient justice system, inadequate safeguards against abuse of authority - all these have intricate almost inseparable links and together result in mis-government. Through informed and collective assertion people will gain insights into this complex maze, and will eventually emerge as a potent force for the transformation of our Republic.

As self-governance becomes a way of life, citizens will once again be masters in control of their servants, and will be able to reclaim our Republic. Swarajya aims to harness people's anguish and concern about our governance and channelise our energies constructively. All of us have the capacity to improve the conditions locally, and transform our nation. This is time for purposeful, well-directed action. History beckons us.

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