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Independent crime investigation.
  • Election Commission estimates that over 700 of the 4072 legislators in States have a criminal record against them. The nexus between politics and crime has played havoc with crime control and rule of law.
  • Criminals have an incentive to control politics, and through it the police.
  • Crime investigation today is controlled by elected governments through various mechanisms. Combination of several functions in the same police force enables politicians to control crime investigation through transfers, postings, promotions, launching of prosecution, withdrawal of cases, parole and other mechanisms.
  • Law breakers thus not only become law makers; they also control law enforcement

Lok Satta's objective

  • Crime investigation wing of police to be separate and independent of political control
  • Independent prosecutors under quasi- judicial supervision as a constitutional institution. Appointed by a collegium
  • All crime investigation, prosecution and the concerned police service matters to be controlled by the independent prosecution wing
  • Paroles and pardons to be decided on the recommendation of the independent prosecution wing.

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