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You can also download the Income Certificate


  • Income certificate is often necessary to obtain concessions meant for poor persons or families below poverty line.
  • Sometimes solvency certificates are necessary for contractors to prove their eligibility for bidding.
  • Income certificates are needed for the following purposes:
    • Ration card (white)
    • Government subsidies
    • Allotment of house sites
    • Weaker sections' housing
    • Scholarships
  • Income certificates cannot be used for income tax purpose.
  • Usually the income from all sources is computed while giving a certificate. The source of income can be as follows:
    • Land
    • Employment
    • Business
    • Buildings (rent)
    • Profession
    • Labour
    • Other services
  • False income certificates showing a low income are often misused to get ration cards or subsidies, or house site allotments. Such a practice of undeserving persons obtaining benefits meant for the poor must be firmly discouraged. It is a shameful practice which deprives the genuinely needy and poor.

    How to Obtain Income Certificate?

  • The competent authority to issue the certificate is MRO. There is a prescribed application form for the purpose (application form). You must fill out the form with accurate information.
  • You must present the application to MRO along with the following documents:
    • Affix court fee stamp of Rs.2/-
    • Ration card copy
    • Two certificates of income issued by two gazetted officers in the prescribed form (application form).
    • Study certificate or Bonafide certificate from school or college.
    • One notarized affidavit on stamp paper worth Rs.10/- (Notaries are authorized persons - lawyers or others - whose offices are close by the MRO offices, sub treasuries / sub registrar's offices. Stamp paper will be available with licensed vendors in the premises of sub registrars' offices). This must contain all details of your income from various sources.
    • Salary certificate issued by employer (if you are an employee).
    • If your spouse (wife or husband) is also an employee, salary certificate issued by employer.
  • The MRO and revenue officials will verify the application and documents. You must extend all cooperation to them and furnish correct information.
  • Usually it will take a week to get the income certificate. Sometimes verification may take two weeks. On verification, the certificate will be issued by MRO in the prescribed form. (application form). If the certificate is not issued within a reasonable time, you may remind the MRO. If you do not get proper response, you may then meet the concerned RDO or Sub-Collector.

    Solvency Certificate

  • If you need a solvency certificate, there is a prescribed form. You must pay the prescribed fee, and furnish all information regarding your properties.
  • Your land and buildings will be evaluated at market rates as determined by the government. A certificate indicating all your net assets will then be given.
  • If you do not get proper service, you may approach the local Lok Satta unit for support and help.

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